Things Women Over 30 Shouldn't Have to Put Up With

Travel Light

If there's one thing you learn from gaining mileage in life, it's that it's better to travel light! And if you're over 30, there's more than a few things you can do without...

Adult Acne

Acne looks as good on a 30+ as adult diapers do under a speedo. We've already got fine lines and wrinkles to worry about, why would we ever want to invite awkward ol' acne back to the party?

Passive-Agressive Texts

So sorry, but we used up all our patience for passive-aggressive behavior in our 20's, and now we have deal with it in text form? Pass! Consider this a public service announcement. Once you blow out those 30 candles, you are no longer required to respond to a single passive-aggressive text.

Caring Too Much

Time is short and getting shorter by the hour. So why let the details get you down? Sure, you may have a new scratch on your car, but guess what? Life goes on! Caring about the little stuff takes away from appreciating the important stuff. Like belting out every Billy Joel lyric ever written in that scratched car of yours...

Uncomfy Undies

Leave the dental floss and aggressive push-up bras to the young 'uns. When you're over 30, the last thing you want to do is get in a 16 hour fight with your undergarments. It's a fight you'll lose every time.

"Old Maid" or "Spinster" Labels

Hello people, it's the 2020s! Let's toss that archaic attitude already. Sexiness never expires!

Bye-Bye Body Shame

Don't look like a Victoria's Secret Angel cover model in your bikini? Guess what? They don't either! Can you say airbrushing? Why hold yourself to impossible standards when what your body really is, is a true masterpiece? Now that you're over 30, it's time you embrace that fact!

Unequal Wages

At this point, you have the skills and the experience -- and the guts to ask for what you deserve! Look up the average salary for your job and ask for more.


You've come a long way, baby, now is not the time to second guess yourself! You've gotten this far, so you must be doing something right. Make an effort to remind yourself you know what you're doing just as much as the next person (and probably even more).

Excessive Spending

You know you're a real, live grownup when plunking your money into real estate becomes a lot more attractive than designer shoes. Once you pass that 30-year-old line, investing gets a whole lot sexier!

Prince Meh

Tune out all anxious thoughts about a timeline. Love comes when it's supposed to, not on a schedule! If the glass slipper doesn't fit, it doesn't make you a wicked step-sister. It just means it's not your shoe (or prince).


Who has time for childish games and drainer friends? Leave the mean girl attitudes where they belong -- behind you!

Glitter Makeup

No matter how good it looks in that YouTube tutorial your teenager was watching, it's probably not going to look like that on you. Not to mention, you can wash your face, but glitter lasts forever... Seriously, it's impossible to get rid of.

Couch Potato Syndrome

'Five more minutes' quickly turns into '10 more minutes' which in turn can easily become an entire lifetime spent on the couch. Trade your sweats for big girl pants. Get out there and seize the day!

Trendy Fads

Too many trends on a 20-year-old looks silly, so why would it look any better on you? Start with classic pieces and if you feel the urge, add a single trend. Know what looks better than a 20-something trying to look good? A 40-year-old who knows she looks good.

Putting Health Last

The fountain of youth is right in front of you! It's called self-care, and it belongs on the front burner -- on high heat!

Having It All

Pressure to be the perfect wife, mother, millionaire, and author of the next great American novel is total a sham. You are enough just the way you are, messy kitchen and all! Real life is made up of wonderful, imperfect moments. Don't miss them worrying about what you don't have!


Here's a great rule of thumb -- if you run into someone at a nightclub who was an infant when you first hit the club scene, it's time to go home. Leave the inflated drink prices and histrionic bass lines for the kiddos. You'll be glad you did when you feel great the next morning!


Time is of the essence! Which means you don't want to spend it folding 10 pairs of pants you'll probably never wear. Toss it all and feel instantly lighter -- and younger!


Newsflash! There's no such thing as someday. Stop putting off that bucket list and start making it happen. Right now! Sure you might miss a PTA meeting or two, but that three-day, solo hiking trip will be a lot more memorable in the long run.

Old-Age Stereotypes

Congratulations, you have officially reached to the best part of life! So why waste it being old? Throw out all those preconceived notions of whatever your age is supposed to be like, dust off that inner child, and live it up!

In-Law Drama

There comes a time when in-laws go from formidable figures to real family members. And just like the rest of your family, they probably have some flaws. Surprise! You do, too. If you can overlook differences and pass over the power play, you may even find that you like them... a lot!


Shoulda, coulda, wouldas will only get you nowhere. Try practicing a little more self-love with each year and watch where it takes you!

Peer Pressure

NEWSFLASH: It doesn't end in college. Take a page from the D.A.R.E. playbook and just say no to anything that doesn't work for you. That goes for everything from parenting advice to finances, to how to dress, act, or behave. Guess who runs your life? YOU!

Wet Blankets

Leave the Nagging Nancies and Doubtful Debbies behind; they'll only cramp your style! You've spent the first portion of your life worrying about other's opinions. Why spend the rest of it doing the same?

Frumpy Hair

Just because you're over 30 doesn't mean you need to scream it to the world via your hair. Why not try something a little adventurous? Long and ombré? Jet black with blunt bangs? Pink? Guess what, you're the boss!


When talking with friends, it's best not to spill the tea. Gossip is the fastest way to get yourself in a messy situation -- and who has time for that?


Careful where you step, because it's an epidemic! You're juggling a career, kids, a social life, and a million other things. The last thing you need is a steaming, hot pile of the stuff following you around. Let it go and focus on what's important to you like the career, the kids, and the million other things.


Before you put anything over three inches high on those feet of yours, ask yourself -- does your health insurance cover this? If you can't strut your stuff without the risk of taking a topple, leave it on the shelf!


Hear us out. There's nothing wrong with a celebratory selfie every once in a while, but do you really need a flower crown? File it under trendy fads and move on. Besides, you're already on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Do you really need one more distraction?


Ironically, excessive fear can be a dangerous thing. It chokes good plans and can prevent you from experiencing your best life. Feel the fear and then do it anyway! You'll be surprised how many new worlds you'll discover!

The more you push the unnecessary out of your life, the more you'll be able to enjoy what truly matters and not the things you're told that you should be doing. Design your own bucket list and live your life the way you want to! You're amazing just the way you are.

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Things Women Over 30 Shouldn't Have to Put Up With