Hair Styles No Senior Woman Should Have

The New Rules for Senior Hairstyles

Senior women should worry less about the "rules" of their hairstyles and focus more on why they should care less what random people think is right or wrong for how senior women present themselves. What happens on the top of any woman's head is her business. Thus, the rule is this: Senior women should wear whatever hairstyle they want to wear because it's nobody's business.

No Long Hair

"Women of a certain age shouldn't allow their hair to grow beyond their shoulders."

Says who?

This senior woman is stunning with her long hair, and she doesn't care about arbitrary hair rules designed to tell her what to do.

No "Young" Styles

"Older women should present themselves appropriately for their age."

Do you really think that this rocking lady is concerned with what anyone thinks of her free hairstyle? She's too busy being an original to fret about fitting in.

Keep It Neat

"Senior women should neatly pin their hair back to look well put-together."

While this woman's hair is a little wild, it's a good bet she's wild about life too. She's not defined by some unrealistic expectation of how her hair should be neatly pinned just because she has some years under her belt.

Get Out of the Past

"Outdated hairstyles make women look older."

Maybe she likes this hairstyle, Karen. Maybe it makes her feel good and maybe she's been rocking this style for years.

Avoid Trends

"Trendy hairstyles make older women look even older."

This woman doesn't look older - she looks like a woman who is having a great time and knows how good she looks.

Dyed Hair

"Go grey gracefully."

It looks like this beautiful woman isn't ready to let her grey hairs take over, and she doesn't have to be ready. It's her head, and she can do what she wants with her hair.

Tame Wispy Hair

"Hair wisps should be tamed to avoid a frumpy look."

There's nothing frumpy about this grandma and her wispy hair. She's living her best life and laughing at the haters.

Ponytails Are a Young Woman's Game

"A ponytail pulls the face back and ages you."

Does this lovely woman appear to care that you think she shouldn't wear a ponytail?

Sensible Color

"If you dye your hair, make it a neutral, natural color lest you appear old and out of touch with trends."

This woman wanted pink hair, so she got pink hair. Her age doesn't matter if she enjoys the color.

Avoid Super Short Cuts

"Very short hair on an older woman makes them lose their appearance of femininity."

Maybe this lady is too busy running her successful business or leading community activism to worry about dealing with long hair. Maybe she likes her short hair. Maybe it's nobody's business what her hair looks like.

Final Rule: There Are No Rules

Senior women have reached an age where they're sick and tired of living by the rules society tries to place upon them.

Short hair, long hair, wild hair, tame hair, whatever. Senior women should wear whatever hairstyle they want.

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Hair Styles No Senior Woman Should Have