Am I Turning Into My Mother?

Girl wearing mother's shoes

The day to acknowledge you're becoming like your mother has arrived. It's easy to deny, but even easier to tell when it's happening. Don't fret! With mom-ness comes skill and wisdom.

1. Nesting Like a Mama Bird

The phrase should go "home is where the mom is" because an early sign of turning into your mom is owning your space. Whether that translates to covering everything in doilies or hanging your own painted canvases, it boils down to imprinting your personality on your home. Think of it as marking your territory. After all, a woman's home is her fortress.

2. Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Eyes in back of head

You've heard the claim every parent makes: they have eyeballs watching you from the back of their head. This has never been truer for moms, and you have inherited your own mother's psychic powers. Not just limited to spying on bad behavior, you know where your significant other's keys and wallet are before they can ask where they lost them.

3. Cover That Up!

When you were a rebellious teen, it was liberating to show off a little skin. Your mother would shake her finger toward your fashion sense, and you figured she was just being uptight. Nowadays, you not only shudder at the thought of a visible midriff, but understand your mom was afraid of all the weirdos who were gawking at your scantily clad teenage self.

4. Doctor Mom

wife taking husbands temperature

Remember the days when your mom would nurse away your maladies with a tightly tucked blanket and hot chicken soup? Little did you know these were lessons, preparing you for any cough, sneeze, or sniffle that made its way through your family or social circle. Like your mother before you, you have a medicine cabinet stocked for any health issue and a purse packed with everything from lozenges and tissues to nasal spray and hand sanitizer.

5. What's Sleep?

Most mothers live by the thought that "they'll sleep when they're dead" because "a mother's work is never done." Well, you finally understand! You have a full schedule, and it feels that if you're not working like a champ, then you must be slaying chores, checking off goals, or preparing for the next day of more of the same. You are running the marathon of life and similar to all moms-at-heart, you're in it to win no matter the long hours or sleepless nights.

6. Den Mother

Text messaging

Those who care are moms, and you show you care by making sure every one of your friends texts you so you know when they're home safe. You casually check in with them each week to see how things are going. It's not uncommon for you to email your closest compatriots relevant articles you found online. You even express concern over their romantic and personal choices 'til they tell you to cool it. Maybe save it for your future children.

7. Cooking Mama

Food is the cornerstone of momhood. You fill hearts with love and stomachs with hot meals by means of potlucks. Here the most "mom" dish of all, the casserole, lets you shine as the provider of your circle. You live for the satisfaction that beams from your friends and family when they've cleared a steaming plate of something you slaved over.

Reading the Signs

If you read the signs, you're not only becoming your mother, you have actually become the most responsible person you know. That is, unless you compare your mom-levels to your own mother, who will always win at being the most motherly. That's because she knows best.

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Am I Turning Into My Mother?