16 Things All Feminists Will Want to Put in Their Amazon Carts

Feminist Power in an Amazon Cart


From empowering art to sky-high heels, feminists have a wide range of items in their Amazon carts. We're ditching the notion that feminists are angry women with man-hating chips on their shoulders. Instead, they are women who celebrate equal rights between both genders and enjoy a good Beyoncé album now and again. You're most likely to find at least one of these items in a feminist's cart.

Boss Babes: A Coloring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups

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Who said coloring is just for kids? This fun adult coloring book celebrates powerful women in history and even better-you. Give Shonda Rhimes a pop of color, complete the Beyoncé crossword puzzle, and don't forget to crown yourself the bossiest babe.

We Should All Be Feminists

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Award winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's personal essay corrects the definition of feminism for our current century. She includes her own life experiences and explains to readers the ins and outs of being a woman. Feminism isn't solely for the female; it's a movement for anyone who believes in equal rights for men and women. Chimamanda expounds on this as she tells you why we should all be part of this movement.

Female Power Phone Case

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Show everyone that you aren't anti-men but you are pro-women. Showcase female empowerment with this simple, chic iPhone case.

Future Feminist Baby Onesie

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Empowered women and the men who support them produce future feminists, regardless of the gender of their children. These adorable onesies come in a variety of colors for mommy and daddy to dress their little ones in. Your future feminist will be comfy and fashionable in this powerful cotton onesie.

Handmade Be Fearless Jewelry

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Powerful women don't mind supporting powerful women. Always There Designs is an Amazon shop that produces jewelry with inspiring messages. Each piece is handmade and hand stamped just like this aluminum Be Fearless bracelet.


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This book won't teach you how to be a Girl Boss, but it sure will inspire you to channel your inner Girl Boss. CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso shares her compelling story of how her hernia led her to create a $100 million company. With confidence, drive and a sense of direction, we can all be Girl Bosses.


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Beyoncé's self-titled album is a must-have for every feminist out there. This album is where she claimed her womanhood and basically told the haters, "I can be a mom and a wife and still be a boss." Women are multifaceted and complex humans, and Beyoncé touched on the different emotions we experience as females. We feel insecure on some days and jealous on others, but we are also confident, sexy individuals who get the job done. She helps the world understand us as women with some help from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Nicki Minaj.

Sexism Button

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It's funny how such a small button can contain such a powerful message. We live in a world where women get paid significantly less than men. In some cases, they aren't allowed to drive, and some aren't even allowed to play sports. Stand up against sexism and pin this button on your handbag, jacket, or your work station/office.

Feminism Sweatshirt

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Empowered women have a sense of humor too. Women are just as human as men are-that's all we're saying. And don't you just love that the models wearing the sweatshirts are all male? Feminists come in all shapes, sizes, and genders.

Patent Leather Pumps

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A woman can do anything a man can do: operate heavy machinery, run a business, and become president. The only difference is we do all of those things in heels. These patent leather pumps are stylish yet comfortable thanks to the thick heel, so you can feel even more beautiful and still get stuff done.

Boss Lady Poster

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Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are the bosses in our lives. This polka dot Boss Lady poster is a daily reminder that you're a powerful woman. Whether you want to hang it in your office or bathroom, make sure it's somewhere you look every day so you don't ever lose that confidence in yourself.

Frida Kahlo Duvet Set

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Does it get any more feminist than Frida Kahlo? Instead of allowing the painful experiences in her life to defeat her, the Mexican artist channeled the pain into her iconic art. This Frida-inspired duvet set, covered in beautiful pink flowers, is an ode to the artistic style of the famous feminist.

Handmade Shelving Unit

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Building furniture is not only a man's job; women do it too. This gorgeous gold shelving unit was handmade by an Israeli artisan who just happens to be a woman. Place this in your office or bedroom to remind yourself that this unit was handcrafted from one boss lady to another.

Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye: Breaking the Spell of Feminine Myths and Models

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We all grew up hearing the fairy tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. There's always a damsel in distress, the prince always rescues her, and they both live happily ever after. This book dispels the idea that a woman needs a man to come to her rescue, that she needs him to live happily ever after. It's important to know that the message isn't against men but for women and the strength they contain to rescue themselves.

Women's Crepe Pant Suit

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Women don't need to wear frilly dresses and bubbly pink to be feminine and sexy. Women should be able to feel powerful and sexy wearing a tailored pantsuit like this one without the criticism of being stiff. Be like Elizabeth Smith Miller and break these gender barriers down.

‘I Woke Up Like This’ Shower Curtain

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Sometimes we need to be reminded of just how gorgeous we are. Here's a shower curtain that does just that. It's okay to take a break from the concealer and false eyelashes for a while and show off your flawless, natural skin.

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16 Things All Feminists Will Want to Put in Their Amazon Carts