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Article Highlight: Over 50? Here's Why You Should Be Having Lots of Sex

You've got the yoga class, the tennis lessons, the scheduled workouts at the gym. You're a regular Fountain of Youth -- on the courts and between the sheets. Seniors aren't going gently into that good night;… Keep reading »

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Girl Power

This one's for all the ladies out there who need some light-hearted fun to lift their spirits. Whether it's an ode to Beyonce or a slideshow of things no self-respecting woman in her 30s should own, you'll find stories that anyone with XX chromosomes can relate to.

Fun Relationship Advice for Women

You don't have to be in a relationship to be happy, but you do need to be happy with your relationship status. While the secrets of happy women might not include a committed man, your relationship status can affect your happiness.

Tips for the Single Ladies

Today more women are single and loving it than ever before, and no longer feel the need to conform to societal expectations on what a woman's love life should look like. Women still have a way to go before achieving total equality, but in the meantime, check out the things single women need to know and you'll be empowered to embrace your single status. If everyone you know is coupled up, learn ways to cope when all your friends are in relationships so you can continue to enjoy your single life.

Tips for Women in Relationships

Women at any stage of relationship sometimes need a reminder to keep things fun and interesting. Find out the things every married woman needs to do so your relationship will be fulfilling and lasting. Next it's time to evaluate your sex life. Even women over 50 should be having lots of sex for the physical and emotional benefits.

Hobbies and Activities for Happy Women

There are things every woman should know how to do for herself and having a good time is one of them. Look for hobbies and activities that remind you who you are as a woman and add value to your life. Don't get trapped in what society says you should be enjoying and dare to take trendy things off your bucket list like becoming a CEO or traveling the world before you're 40 if those aren't true to who you are. Dare to think outside societal norms and take a risk trying the scary things every woman should try once such as traveling alone.

Wild and Weird Women's Beauty

When it comes to your physical appearance, women have a lot of embarrassing questions about beauty. Thankfully, you've got the trust of womankind behind you as you look into all the wild and weird ways women attempt to look their best. Learn about beauty habits that are making you look worse and avoid them like the plague no matter how many social media posts you see about them. You can still explore trends like women shaving their faces to see if they make sense for you, but it's best not to use trends as your only source of beauty advice. Play to your own unique beauty strengths and your best self will be revealed.

Show Yourself Some Love

Women often wear multiple hats as workers, CEOs, leaders, friends, mothers, homemakers, volunteers, wives, and daughters. Consider this your official reminder to take care of yourself first! After all, that long list of to-dos will still be around after your massage and glass of wine time-out. So, grant permission to treat yourself.

Laughs for Women Only