Lists of Weird and Strange Things

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Things that are weird and strange fascinate people simply because they're so unbelievable. There's a lot of weirdness in this world and often the oddest things in life are not the stuff of books or movies, but the things, people, or places we read about in the news.

Strange Foods

If you're into weird and exotic foods, you have to try the strangest pizza recipes that include ingredients like lemon with smoked mozzarella. Don't forget to celebrate your special occasions with strange desserts such as one of the world's ugliest wedding cakes. Did you even know a wedding cake could be made entirely from ice? Share these wacky food sensations with your friends as you tell funny food puns to go with them.

Strange Animals and Creatures

Nature is filled with bugs and animals that look strange or do weird things. This doesn't stop people from trying to tame wacky wild animals. The most dangerous pets ever include poisonous snakes and spiders along with wild cats. If that's not enough to freak you out, check out a slideshow of the scariest creepy crawlies you've ever seen! Finish up your wacky animal adventure with some funny animal puns to make your groan.

Strange But True Stories

Maybe you're one of those people who thinks she is completely "normal," but chances are, you probably have some weird quirks you might not admit to, like one of these weird habits. Or maybe you believe in ghosts or certain conspiracy theories? (Don't worry, there's plenty of like-minded people who probably feel the same.)

Weird Things to Try Once

If you open up your mind to something new or even just a new way of doing a typical day-to-day task, you might be surprised to find that sometimes an offbeat process can be incredibly effective! With that in mind, give weird yoga positions a whirl. After all, as many Pinterest quotes are quick to point out, if something scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

Weird America

While you're proud to be American, you can admit that the U.S. is sometimes a strange place. For instance, there are some truly strange food laws that actually exist in this country, but it's on the beginning of learning the truly odd things you can find from state to state. Other countries aren't off the hook, either. Even Europe has some crazy urban legends!

Get Weird for a Minute

Make your day lighter and brighter or raise the spirits of a down friend with weird and strange facts or images. Everyone needs to get weird sometimes even if it's just to remind yourself how normal you actually are.

Lists of Weird and Strange Things