Netflix Launches Their First-Ever Podcast and Magazine for Preschoolers

Published January 25, 2022
Megan Sayers Chapham, Netflix Family

If your little one can't get enough Netflix Jr., we've got some big news! It was announced this week that Netflix has launched their first podcast for kids as well as an "actual, physical magazine your kids can hold in their hands." Yes, that's right. They've created not one but two solutions for reducing screen time.

Netflix Jr. Magazine (which you can subscribe to for free here) is a bi-monthly publication launching this spring. It will include games, stories, stickers, crafts and activities for children ages 2-5. Netflix says they worked closely with a preschool childhood development expert to develop activities specially designed to "inspire curiosity, learning, and fun" with preschool-aged fans.

When it's time for bed, you can help your little ones wind down with Netflix Jr.'s newly launched podcast Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr. The podcast currently consists of eight, 10-15-minute episodes on topics like the importance of sleep, dreaming, and getting ready for bed, through the lens of beloved characters like Ada Twist, Cory Carson, Chip and Potato, StarBeam, and more.

Dr. Tina Bryson, childhood development expert and author of The Whole-Brain Child, partnered with Netflix to develop the podcast. Each episode is meant to help parents establish a bedtime routine for their children, not only helping them to fall asleep easier but build necessary life skills as well.

"I love how these episodes intentionally balance familiarity (with the child's beloved characters) and novelty (with a new, but not-too-exciting story of adventure that allows kids to learn something)," says Dr. Bryson. "I found this project meaningful, knowing it will help parents and kids daily in an immediate, practical way, while also giving kids experiences that build skills, empower them, and help them learn about themselves and the world."

Parents are clearly already excited. When news of the podcast was announced via Netflix Family's Instagram, the comments came rolling in with reactions like:

  • "love this. a solid nighttime routine and good sleep hygiene are unbeatable habits for kids to learn early"
  • "Looking forward to catching all the [sleep]"
  • "Added to our bedtime itinerary"

You can listen to Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr. on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and more.

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Netflix Launches Their First-Ever Podcast and Magazine for Preschoolers