Gifts to Wow a Teen

Crazy Gifts Ideas Teens Will Actually Love

It's that time of year again. Neighbors are stringing their lights outside, Christmas carols are blasting in stores and your heart is palpitating. How on earth are you going to top the drone you got your teenager last Christmas? Don't you dare pick up that gift card; your kid is never going to expect any of these gifts under the tree this year.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Oh, the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap. It's almost therapeutic. Good news, your teen can enjoy bubble therapy every day with this poppin' calendar. Organization never felt so good.


Show everyone who your hero is by creating your own wonder-teen. Even if your kid doesn't go bonkers over Comic-con tickets every year, she'll still nerd out over being a superhero. Design a card listing out all of her strengths and don't forget about her kryptonite for an extra cute touch.

Pocket DJ Mixer

Don't have the heart to tell your teenager his an awful beat boxer? Provide the perfect distraction in the form of a portable beat mixer. It's so small, he can take the party anywhere. Well... maybe not school. When your superstar is opening for Drake's world tour, he'll remember who saved them from him failed beat boxing career.

Smartphone Projector
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Despite the fact that our kids have TV's, laptops and tablets within arms reach, the favorite device is still the smartphone. Never mind the fact that her eyesight is withering away every time she squints to text. She will love how cool it is to have her own personal projector like this one. And you won't have to lay awake at night wondering how you're going to afford glasses she's just going to end up losing.

3Doodler 3D Pen
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If you have an aspiring Picasso on your hands, the 3Doodler is your go-to gift. Help him transfer his art from paper to 3D form. With any luck, he'll take more of his teenage aggression out on the art and less on you.

Illuminator Phone Lens

"This lighting sucks." We bet that's a phrase you hear just about every day. It's time to rectify this first world problem for your selfie-obsessed teen with the illuminator phone lens. Upgrade her selfie game and get her one step closer to her number one goal in life, insta-fame.

Sidewinding Circular Skates
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We're sure we saw Judy Jetson gliding around on these circular skates on several episodes of The Jetsons. Your speed demon will be happy to swap out the heavy longboard for these fun futuristic skates. They're very safe and you can count on them not to blow up like the failed hover boards.

Divoom AuraBox Wireless Speaker

This pimped out Bluetooth speaker is anything but ordinary. Don't be surprised if your walk in on a dance session between your teen and the speaker animations they created. There's a snazzy feature that displays an app icon for text or social media notifications. And she can even set the mood of the room by changing the colors on the light panel. Admit it; you want one too.

Ready. Set. Shop!

Now that the hard part is out of the way it's time to put down the stress ball and pick up your wallet because you're officially ready to start your gift search. Even if your shopping for the pickiest teen, you have plenty of options to bring out that glowing smile on Christmas morning.

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Gifts to Wow a Teen