5 Awesome Ways to Start an Email

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Emails are a dime a dozen. In modern times, it's so easy to get lost in the fold with the standard, run-of-the-mill opener. You have to catch the eye of the receiver right off the bat. Adding a witty opening line might seem risky, but it will get your message read and put on a shelf in their memory bank. Here are some ideas we came up with for you to try!


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It's one of those hidden horrors we all have. Many of us go above and beyond to block our digital camera screens lying around the house because someone could be watching (dun dun DUN!). Who wouldn't read on with that opening line?

Whether you send this email to a long-lost buddy or your BFF, it'll leave an impression and make them chuckle. The point is to fool them while provoking a smile too. Perhaps you want a favor. How often do people get the standard, "Hi (so-and-so), remember how you said if I needed help with (insert action here) that I should reach out? Well, I'm in a bit of a predicament and need your help."? Snorefest. Give your ask a little more razzamatazz, and maybe they'll be a little more excited to jump in!

2. "You've Changed."

When your email recipient first sees "You've changed," they are likely to start wondering, and maybe even panicking, how they changed. "Did I gain weight? Or am I being a real jerk lately?!" are possible questions they might ask themselves. So make sure to put a compliment after it.

Example: "You've changed… your hair and I love it way too much!"

This is great for those times when you run into that long-lost pal you bumped into at Nordstrom. You want to catch up, but you don't want to sound like a weirdo either, so you can jazz up the situation with some humor! Everyone bonds over a couple of laughs.

3. "It's Nice to Make Your E-cquaintance."

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It's the safe bet for a chuckle. Once you are digitally introduced, this is a way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your personality. You aren't just another drone marching down the career path. You have spark -- pizzazz even! The whole room lights up just as much when your bubbly personality walks through the doors as when you reply to your emails.

Obviously, you haven't met this person face-to-face yet, so it's a witty way to address the situation in a way that everyone understands. This is also one of those lines that'll probably get borrowed from your vocabulary toolbox. You'll get some props for this one, girl!

4. "You're a Fan of Herman Munster Too?!"

If you're trying to find common ground with someone (or encounter a major hottie alert on Match.com), it's not a bad idea to get on their level. When you open with this line, show genuine interest in the topic. Maybe it's not The Munsters they're obsessed with, but there's always a little quirky something about everyone. Do they like playing hacky sack? Maybe they enjoy The Harlem Globetrotters. Whatever that unique characteristic is, hone in on it.

All this line takes is a bit of reading and research. Scope out this person's online profile -- they're bound to have some interests you can find and key in on. If they like hedgehogs, send them a link to a story about a cute little prickly guy. Like the Russian folktale Hedgehog in the Fog (with subtitles). It's that little personal touch that so many people overlook. If you're familiar with the topic you choose -- bonus points. If not, ask about it. It'll start a conversation, and possibly win you a date/job interview, too!

5. "What Two things Can You Never Eat for Breakfast?"

Lunch and dinner (cue audience laughter)! This is a quirky little riddle that'll make your readers stop in their tracks to figure it out. All you have to do is tune into Google to grab a silly one-liner. When you actually get to the point of your email, you've already lightened the mood or even the context.

You probably get a witty response, too, which means -- inside joke in the making! Send this one to a family member you haven't spoken to in a while because, you know, they might be a little miffed about you not checking in for... three years! Another way to use this opener is with a friend you recently had an argument with. Break the ice and make peace with a little laughter. Who can stay mad after that? No one, that's who. You'll be BFFs again in no time!

Be Loud and Proud... Digitally

Almost everyone has email, so receiving a metric ton of emails every day is part of the norm. To stand out, you have to leave an impression the second they open your email. Take a small risk, but always remember to never send anything you aren't totally stoked about and to always be yourself. What's the worst that can happen? Not getting a reply? They'll just be missing out on your awesomeness.

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5 Awesome Ways to Start an Email