10 Totally Must-Do Netflix Binges

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Netflix is an easy way to literally watch the day slip away. The problem is, there are so many darn shows to choose from! After you zoom through House of Cards and Stranger Things, where can you turn for more small-screen entertainment? Here's a list of some of our favorites that will certainly glue you to your couch for days on end.

1. The Killing

Genre: Crime Drama

If you're a fan of murder mysteries that put you straight on a path to "who done it" while shining the limelight on a female detective, then The Killing is for you. Follow Detective Sarah Linden down the rabbit hole of affirmation and self-destruction with this four season series.

Set in Seattle, detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder work together to crack various unspeakable murder cases and discover much more turmoil beneath the surface. Barriers such as a custody battle, drug addiction relapse, and homelessness plague Linden and Holder, yet they both remain loyal to their job and their deep-rooted partnership. It'll keep you guessing but mostly gnawing on your fingernails the whole way through.

2. The Returned

Genre: Supernatural Drama

After your loved ones are dead and gone, you certainly won't see them knocking on your door, asking for lunch, or sleeping in their beds…right? Well, according to A&E's The Returned, not so much. Adapted from the French show Les Revenants, this show puts a dramatic spin on the whole afterlife situation.

Those that have been long gone like teenage Camille, and young lover Simon, or wife and companion Helen, and the mysterious 'Victor' return to their homes to pick up where they left off - after everyone has moved on. They aren't necessarily greeted with open arms either, more like confusion and fear actually. It's a show that brings the wish of having a loved one that's passed come back years later.

3. Salem

Genre: Fictional Drama

Are all witches evil? Not particularly. In fact, Salem shows us that witches have the same sense of right and wrong just like everyone else. Join Mary Sibley as she takes her journey into the dark arts to save herself and her love to Captain John Alden.

What are Mary's motives to stay in the coven? Does she want world domination for the dark lord, or does she want women to have a fair shot at the privilege they so deserve? Travel back to the Salem Witch Trials of the 17th Century to see the plot unfold.

4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

If you love classic horror flicks like The Birds, Psycho, and Vertigo then Alfred Hitchcock Presents is the show for you! Created by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock takes us on a roller coaster ride through multiple stories of thrills, fear, and the supernatural.

This classic show from the 1950s shows us the roots of the horror genre while keeping you glued to your chair episode after twisted episode. Pick up the popcorn, snuggle underneath your favorite blanket, and keep your significant other nearby for emotional support because this is one wild ride.

5. iZombie

Genre: Sci-Fi/Crime Drama

Surely zombies can't solve murder cases. Can they? Medical student Olivia Moore becomes a zombie with a hunger for human brains while attending a boat party, but she still needs more to feel fulfilled in her… afterlife. Thus she gets employed by the King City Morgue to help the victims - and herself.

As she eats her much-needed diet of brains from murder victims, she temporarily inherits some of their personality traits and experiences flashbacks that give her the necessary clue to solve the case. iZombieshows us that everyone has a place in society, even the undead.

6. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Genre: Docudrama

You've heard the poem about Lizzie Borden. Have you ever wondered what ran through her head as she gave her (step)mother 40 whacks? Turns out, Ms. Borden was a certifiable psychopath that believed life revolved around her and all her needs.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles takes a dive into the inner workings of this controversial killer and the people surrounding her. In a time when women were never suspected of murder, you'll see how Lizzie squeaks by the system but not the community. Not to mention it's wonderfully creepy in the meantime.

7. The Bernie Mac Show

Genre: Sitcom/Comedy

What happens when a stand-up comedian creates a sitcom about his family--hilarious, episodic television. Based on the stand-up routines of Bernie Mac, The Bernie Mac Showis clever, witty and relatable to every member of the family.

The audience becomes part of the family as Bernie makes a constant habit of sharing of woes by breaking the fourth wall. Although Bernie may have a… unique idea of parenting, the passion for his family always shines through, and gets him into some zany situations too.

8. The Fall

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Those Brits really know how to pull together a quality murder mystery, and The Fall is no exception. Travel to Northern Ireland to get a look into the case of a serial killer who's been at large for more than a month. You'd think everything would run smoothly when you have the name of the suspect, but that's anything but the case.

Superintendent Stella Gibson investigates the crazed Paul Spector who is found to be attacking young, successful women crossing his wake. When the world begins to crumble for Spector, you experience the unlikely causes for his demise. In the end, karma might just be the ultimate winner here.

9. Young Doctor's Notebook

Genre: British Dark Comedy

A Young Doctor's Notebook is based on a short story collection by Mikhali Bulgakov and set in a mental institution in Russia during the early 1900s. While acknowledging the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War, this show's main focus is on Dr. Vladmir Bomgard's life-altering experiences he has written in his diary.

The unique thing about this show is the interaction between the older and younger Dr. Bomgard. Episodes also center on heavy topics like morphine addiction, hallucinations, and even mercy killings - yikes! It's a series full of ups and (very low) downs which are the makings for a suck-you-in type of drama.

10. Derek

Genre: Mockumentary

Even nursing home workers experience the trials and tribulations of a typical nine to five - especially Derek Noakes. He is a kind and selfless care worker who is ridiculed for his social awkwardness and child-like naivety while completing his life's calling in a senior care facility.

Derek is a show that focuses on the power of kindness instead of featuring a clever, good-looking protagonist. Regardless of his setbacks, Derek is always willing to give the elderly live-ins the best care every day. It's a comedy/drama that centers around true to life issues and connects you with a loveable front man.

Keeping a Watch on Your TV

We all know the convenience of Netflix definitely makes binging on your favorite shows easy as pie. But when dedicating your time to a new adventure, look outside of the trending scope to dig up some newfound favorites. These are the shows that truly stand the test of time after all.

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10 Totally Must-Do Netflix Binges