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10 Gifts Every Cannabis-Lover Will Want This Christmas

Going Green for the Holidays

Because the legalization of cannabis is becoming more widespread, there is also an increase in marijuana accessories. For all of your cannabis loving friends, there are many fun items to choose from for Christmas gifts. Whether you're looking for art, clothing, or household décor, there's something for every cannabis lover.

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Pot Leaf Socks

If your cannabis-loving buddy likes to make a bright fashion statement, these socks are a fun way to go. There are many flashy and fun colors to choose from. The best part is these socks are very affordable at under $2 per pair so you can get them multiple colors for their wardrobe.

Pot Cookie Cutters

Everyone knows some cannabis lovers prefer cannabis cookies. These fun cookie cutters offer three iconic cannabis shapes priced at about $18 for three cookie cutters. They are easy to wash and plastic so there aren't any sharp edges involved.

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Merryjuana Ugly Sweater

Who doesn't attend an ugly sweater party during the holidays? Your cannabis-loving friend will make a hilarious statement with this cheeky sweater made for holiday cheer. By the way, it only costs about $20 for priceless fun! Besides, it can be reused over and over again every holiday season. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Cannabis Smell Reducing Candle

When you're gathered around opening presents, it's always nice to have a cozy candle burning to complete the experience. Give your buddy a cannabis smell reducing candle to burn during their gift-opening time of this amazing holiday. About $16 gets you this long-lasting, fresh smelling candle that makes spirits bright and lifts away the smell of cannabis.

Cannabis Leaf Plush

When snuggling under the covers with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, this soft little plush is the perfect thing to cuddle up with. For about $27, you'll get your buddy a sweet little cannabis leaf to go to dreamland with. They can even wake up the next day bringing their snuggly little friend with them to open gifts.

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Cannabis Tree Ornament

When you get a Christmas tree, you must have the right ornaments that express who you are. Your cannabis-loving buddy will thoroughly enjoy this quirky Christmas tree ornament meant to give just a little extra green to your tree for about $15.

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Marijuana String Lights

Along with a Christmas tree ornament, marijuana string lights are a must-buy for a cannabis fan during the holidays. Light these green lights up and enjoy their festive glow. Less than $20 gets you one string to either wrap on a banister, drape around stockings, or hang on a Christmas tree.

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The Stoner’s Coloring Book

If your friend is looking for a fun holiday activity that taps into their inner child, then a coloring book might just be the way to go. This book also gives you the tools to relax during the craziness of the holiday season. For around $10, you can get this book then grab a pack of colored pencils for a couple extra dollars.

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Pot Leaf Robe

On a cold winter's day like Christmas, it's only natural to snuggle up in a warm, soft robe. This cannabis robe is an amazing way to keep your friend warm and cozy during the winter chill. This robe only costs $46 and will last for many winters to come. What a heart-warming gift!

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Wood marijuana leaf iphone case

Everyone wants a stylish iPhone case where they can express themselves. Why not give a cannabis lover the perfect iPhone case to do so. This high-quality, wooden iPhone case has a beautiful picture of a cannabis leaf carved in it for under $25. It's great for calling friends and family over the holidays.

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10 Gifts Every Cannabis-Lover Will Want This Christmas