April Quotes to Celebrate the Spring Season

Published March 17, 2022
happy woman in her garden on spring day

April is a glorious time of year. Depending on where you live and the current conditions, you may still be feeling the chill of winter or enjoying a sneak preview of warmer months. Either way, April is the first full month of spring. It's a unique time of year that ushers in recovery from winter and the promise of new life and renewal, followed by warmers days to come. Express the joy you feel about the arrival of spring with this collection of April quotes that express what is truly unique about the fourth month of the year.

Short April Quotes and Sayings

woman lying in grass blowing on a dandelion

Spring brings such welcome relief after months of cold, dark winter days! Use these super-short sayings to let everyone know how glad you are that April is finally here!

  • April soothes my soul.
  • Celebrate April.
  • April has arrived.
  • April is in the air.
  • April springs eternal.
  • April is a time for growth.
  • April comes to those who wait.
  • April: The birds are back in town.
  • April signals a green light to summer.

Hello April Quotes

woman drinking coffee sitting in front of open window

Do you feel like you've been waiting on April to arrive forever? When the fourth month of the year finally gets here, use these hello April quotes to spread some springtime cheer.

  • April is always welcome here.
  • All hail April.
  • Bring on April.
  • Hello, April my old friend.
  • Keep calm and welcome April.
  • Hello to the first full month of spring!
  • Hello April! It took you long enough to get here.
  • Welcome, April! We're one step closer to summer!
  • Hello April, my old friend. It's time for you to arrive again.

Dear April Quotes

man writing in journal at beach

When you're ready to say goodbye to winter, these "dear April" quotes are a great way to let the universe know that you're ready for April to arrive.

  • Dear April, Thank you for arriving. - A fan.
  • Dear April, We're ready for your renewal.
  • Dear April, You've been gone too long. Welcome back!
  • Dear April, May your days be bright and sunny.
  • Dear April, We need a break from winter. - Too chilled out.
  • Dear April, May you live the winds of March in the past and usher in the warm days of May.
  • Dear April, We welcome you to nourish the earth and the seeds that lie just below the surface waiting for your arrival to peek through.

April Showers Quotes

two laughing women walking down street in rain

April has a well-deserved reputation for being a rainy time of year. Share some perspective on springtime rain with these quotes about April showers.

  • When April showers fill the day, that means summer is on the way.
  • Quickly falling April showers lead to rapidly rising April flowers.
  • April showers pave the way for warm and sunny summer days.
  • April rains transform fields that are plain to lovely wildflower-filled terrain.
  • April showers are springtime staples.
  • To mother nature, April's rain is sweeter than champagne.
  • April rain is not a cause to complain; it's busy preparing the terrain for spring to sustain.
  • April downpours are a small price to pay for such a clear signal that summer is near.

April Weather Sayings

family with ice cream cones posing for picture on cold day

Rain isn't April's only claim to fame when it comes to weather. Share your sense of humor on this (sometimes) dreary topic with these sayings about April weather.

  • April weather is boring, said no one. Ever.
  • April: The best time to experience all four seasons in one day.
  • April weather: Nature's head start to summer.
  • April's forecast: Lingering winter with summer on the horizon.
  • The weather in April can be quite unstable.
  • April: Proof that forecasting the weather can be an exercise in futility.
  • April lures you out with sunshine then sends you back in with rain and wind.
  • Expect to experience some April sneezin' - after all, it's the peak of allergy season!

April Gardening Quotes

friends watering potted plants

To a gardener, April just may be the most wonderful time of the year. Use these April gardening quotes to get your friends thinking about that growth that's just beginning and the bounty that lies ahead.

  • April makes me wet my plants.
  • April really fuels my garden.
  • April is here; the garden is calling.
  • April nurtures the seeds of summer.
  • April showers cultivate summer flowers.
  • Summertime bounty grows from April.
  • April is fertilizer to every gardener's soul.
  • Seeds planted in April become the bounty of summer.
  • Here a bloom, there a bloom, everywhere an April bloom...

Inspirational April Quotes

woman walking down sunny sidewalk in city

What better time to get inspired than April? The quotes below provide thought-provoking reflections about the dawn of spring and the renewal and growth it can bring.

  • April is the path to brighter days.
  • May April be a time of relaxation and renewal.
  • April is nature's bridge that leads from winter to summer.
  • May the green growth of April signal a time of renewal and growth.
  • April is a reminder that something better is always around the corner.
  • May the peace and renewal of April remain with you throughout the year.
  • Bit by bit, blossom by blossom, April is the time that spring starts poppin'.
  • Winter may not be ready to let go when April arrives, but it can's stop spring's lovely blooms or the dawn of new lives.

April Instagram Captions

happy woman jumping on bed

Put some spring in your social media profile with selfie selections that highlight the beauty of spring and how it's impacting you. Captivate your followers with these Insta-worthy spring captions.

  • Aglow in April.
  • April's in bloom.
  • April becomes me.
  • Springin' forward into April.
  • Makin' some April magic.
  • Gettin' carried away in April.
  • April puts a spring in my step.

Funny April Sayings and One-Liners

stuffed animal bear sitting in rain puddle outside

April is a great time for some seasonal humor. These corny puns and silly one-liners are sure to garner a chuckle or two, even if your audience's first reaction is to groan a bit.

  • How do gardeners greet April? With a hoe, hoe, hoe.
  • April really mows me over.
  • April: Not quite summer, but getting there!
  • Why are April flowers so strong? They have shower power!
  • How did the tree feel about April's arrival? Re-leafed!
  • What kind of bear comes out of hibernation in April? A drizzly bear!

Express the Joy That Spring Brings

The quotes above provide quite a few April-centric ways to express the joy that spring is bringing into your life. April is also a great time to use quotes about springtime to express a renewed sense of hope or to get you into the right mindset for spring cleaning. When spring is in the air, you can't go wrong by adding spring quotes and sayings to your social media posts or other greetings and messages, and get ready for what's to come with May quotes and captions.

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April Quotes to Celebrate the Spring Season