New Year's Resolutions You Won't Want to Break

New Year Exercise Resolution

The new year is just around the corner, and you know what that means: New Year's resolution time. Are you always landing on "lose some weight" as your top resolution? Although hitting the gym isn't a bad thing, that constant battle to fall at your goal weight can be arduous. It's time to change it up, girl! Here are a few resolutions that are easy to keep and will keep you feeling accomplished all year long!

1. Give Words of Praise

You like receiving compliments, right? Well, so does everyone around you! Have you ever given your BFF a full body scan when she bought an adorable new outfit and matching shoes? Tell her!

Show the ones you love exactly what you love about them. Soon you'll likely start receiving some awesome feedback on why you're so fab too. You might even get some advice on how to achieve the look, the recipe, or the attitude you want to have!

2. Complete Your Laundry List - Once a Week

Pile of washing

Who isn't guilty of allowing mountains of laundry to accumulate? It's by no means a fun chore, and it literally consumes a chunk of your day because you can't let the washing machine or dryer babysit your house (trust me…this could be no bueno).

Here's the deal, instead of letting those piles mount up, make a conscious effort to tackle this behemoth once a week. This means less clothing piles, less time spent waiting around, and less time scavenging for a clean outfit. Everyone wins.

3. Follow up on Your Check Ups

I'm talking about the doctor (dun dun DUNNNN…queue the lightning). But seriously, what are the downsides of keeping yourself informed about your health and wellness? None.

Mark your calendar and give yourself some deadlines on when to get a check up, to go see the eye doctor (I crack myself up), and to get those chompers cleaned up. You have to see all of them by the end of the year. Period. No excuses. You have more than enough time to get those appointments on the books. Just remember, your doctor is your friend!

4. Get in on Going out (of the Country)

Holding up a globe

It can be overwhelming to suddenly start saving for a trip - especially if you blow through your annual entertainment budget. Instead of looking at this (overwhelming) expense all at once, put aside spare change or a few extra bills every couple days.

Make a creative "vacation fund" jar or box to house the money you're putting away, and pick out a spot you're dying to visit whether it's New York City, Toronto, or the South of France. Set the budget goal and go!

5. Chill out on the Late Night Snacking

You know those late-night binges in front of the fridge you later feel guilty for? Knock them out cold turkey. Can't curb the cravings? Eat a little more at dinner or schedule yourself a snack with a 200-calorie max.

If you are going to opt for the snack, try to turn to munchies that will give some health benefits and keep you full. Some great ideas are Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of granola, carrots and hummus, or unsalted almonds. If you do go over your calorie budget, keep a log of it. How often are you noshing a little too much? Now you'll be able to actually evaluate what you're taking in at night, and keep a handle on it.

6. Make Taxes Less…Taxing

Looking at receipts

We've all scrambled to hit the tax season deadline (guilty). Who knew there could be so many stupid receipts in 365 days? What a nightmare. Instead of assembling the infantry (your husband) and going into crisis mode, keep it on lockdown throughout the year.

"How do you achieve this black magic?" you are likely asking. Keep a folder on your computer or create hard files for every month of the year. Then file your receipts as you get them. If you really want to take the extra steps of organization, keep your receipts in date order too. By the time taxes are due, you'll have all the hard work behind you. See, it really is magic.

7. Pad Mornings Out by Five (…or Ten) Minutes

Yeah, that snooze button is so tempting when your comfortable, loving bed has you wrapped in its warm embrace. But your so-called friend always makes you late for work (and you can't survive without your Starbucks…let's be real).

Switch your clock back a few minutes. You always say you're going to do it, so do it already! Pretty soon you'll start adapting to this permanent time change and will likely be less frazzled every morning. Who wants to kick their day off with a huge helping of stress anyway? You don't need it, lady.

8. Be Un-Sorry

Everyone's always sorry all the time. "Sorry" has become the modern day "ummm" or "like," it seems. Let's face it, people are as sorry for bumping into someone by accident as they are sharing their opinion or taking claim for someone else's oopsie. (Why the heck are you apologizing for tripping over someone else's property they put in your path anyway?) It's a filler word.

Stop being sorry if you aren't actually sorry; it makes real apologies seem insincere when you're "sorry" all the time. Instead of saying, "I'm sorry, but here's what I think," make it a conscious effort to say something similar to, "Although you may not agree, this is my opinion." It might even help you to properly express yourself a little more too.

9. Know When to Throw up the White Flag

Holding a white flag

It's going to happen to you this year - you're going to be in over your head with something that sends you into stress central. Here's the thing: why are you combating this on your own? Is it pride, or do you not want to inconvenience anyone else? Probably a combination of both.

This year, learn to admit you need a little help - we all do from time to time. By the way, there's no prize offered for the person who asks for the least amount of assistance throughout the year (spoiler alert). Ask your friends and family to pick up some of the load, so you aren't carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. But also be available to help them too. Relationships are a two-way street, right?

10. Give Yourself Some Credit (Literally)

Is your credit score sinking lower than the Titanic right now? Change your payment game plan. Start by creating a spreadsheet with your budget, and separate your spendings into brackets such as entertainment, rent, food, clothing, maintenance, savings, etc. On the first of every month, sit down and create your expectations but also record the previous month's allocations.

Did you hit the mark? What do you need to focus on a little harder? As long as you're honest, this spreadsheet will never lie to you about your monthly payment plan. Also, put in the effort to pay your bills on time. Sure, paying the minimum sounds tempting, but you could actually be paying many times your balance in interest! Yikes! Instead of needlessly spending that money, put it in your bank by paying on time every month. It'll also help you build that credit score too.

Believing and Achieving

Here's the best part about these resolutions, all of them only require quick, daily changes to achieve them. Who doesn't want to be ready for tax season or arrive at work sans stress? So break out those whiteboards, notebooks, or Excel spreadsheets and start jotting down some reasonable resolutions this year!

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New Year's Resolutions You Won't Want to Break