8 Selfie Styles You Should Stop Posting

8 Selfies That Are out of Style


Selfies have invaded our everyday lives. We take them with our pets, food and friends, but some people take it too far. There are selfie styles that have gone out of style and others that are tremendously awkward to look at. Take a look at our breakdown to find out which selfie you are guilty of taking.

Duck Face


The duck face was popular when selfies were considered a rising trend, but it's safe to say that we've now moved on to bigger and better things. Why were we so obsessed with looking like ducks anyway? Show off your glowing smile and you're sure to rack up more likes.

Eating Selfie


We are all guilty of taking selfies of our delicious meals every once in a while, but some go a little overboard. There are more flattering ways to show off your meal than posing with your mouth open as you proceed to eat your burger. Get your phone and million dollar smile ready so the moment the waiter puts down your plate you are ready for your photo op. Then you dig in.

Toilet Selfie


Whether you're trying to be silly, play a practical joke or you're just bored, it is not okay to take a selfie on the toilet. There is a reason why toilet stalls are concealed and bathroom doors lock; whatever goes on in the restroom, stays in the restroom.

Peace Sign


There's nothing wrong with throwing up the peace sign every once in a while. But there are people who rely on it for every picture they take. Switch it up! Try a hand on the hip or a candid shot, but only whip out the fingers if you are really desperate.

Selfie Stick


If you can use a selfie stick without us knowing, then have at it. Otherwise, step away from the object. Although the invention seemed genius at first, selfie sticks are just awkward. The picture doesn't look natural, the person looks weird in the moment and there is a long metal stick invading every picture. If you're always taking selfies but your arms just aren't doing the trick, try using a camera with a timer instead.

Documenting Your Driving


We always hear about the dangers of texting and driving, but here's another habit that we need to let go of. With the rise of Snapchat, people feel the need to take videos and pictures of themselves while driving. Avoid endangering your life and the lives of others by waiting. You'll still be just as beautiful when the car is in park.

Holding Your Phone Backwards


There is a reason why our phones have a selfie feature. It is no longer necessary to take 200 pictures of yourself to find the one that makes you glow. Taking a backwards selfie keeps you from finding the right angle to achieve the outcome you are looking for. And if you need the flash, ask someone to take the picture for you-chances are they've been in the same position once or twice.

Mirror Selfies With Flash


What is the point in taking a selfie if we can't see your face? The bright blotch of light is distracting and takes away from the beauty of the photo. It is much better to wait for the lighting to change or find someone to take a decent picture of you.

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