5 Reasons to Get Your Dog Knocked Up

Man buried in puppies

Dogs are a big responsibility; however, a litter of puppies on top of that is a whole new level of adventure in your household. But when you have a dog who lights up your world, you want to capture as many rays of puppy sunshine from them as you can. And the litter your preggo dog gives birth to packs a different benefit for everyone.

1. Your Mommy Gene Works Best With Fur Babies

Dog in a stroller

Human babies -- no, thank you. The crying all night and spitting up all over your brand new shirt from Nordstrom is not your scene. Just thinking about it makes you cringe. So not everyone has that maternal gene -- when it comes to having their own kids, that is.

Puppies are a great way to have children without having children. You get to give them a bath (which is usually hilarious in itself), make sure they have the finest nutrition, as well as that Tiffany's dog license proudly toted around without any qualms. And guess what? They'll never sneak out in the middle of the night to get their belly button pierced!

2. You Thrive on Success

Business dog

With the right training, a bundle of pups can accomplish truly amazing things. They can become a pair of eyes for those who need it or provide therapeutic benefits for those who need to feel better -- like people in hospitals, nursing homes, and disaster relief zones. They can herd other animals, track and hunt, and even act for crying out loud! So why not have a puppy for each?

Get each of your pups into a different training service and watch them guide, comfort, and love the world into a better place. And all thanks to you and your willingness to gift the world with a boatload of puppies.

3. You Like Running -- A Lot

A lot of dogs on leashes

If there's one thing everyone knows about puppies, it's that they are somehow constantly sneaking sips from a never-ending can of Red Bull behind your back or something. Who wouldn't love to steal some of that energy for your day-to-day! If only Fido could prepare your monthly budget meeting while juggling the kids' soccer carpool schedule!

However, if you're a runner -- you always have at least one buddy to hit the streets with. The best part is, they aren't going to whine about going home until you're ready because dogs are amped every time they get a microsecond out of the house. This somehow gives them even more energy. Think of it as a free gym pass.

4. Security Systems Are Really Expensive

Dog guarding a compound

Those stupid things could put you back thousands of dollars if you go all in in security monitor status. Plus, you can't sit behind those screens 24 hours a day to ensure everything is kosher. Instead of sinking your money into the high-tech gadgets, a house full of dogs will do the job without all that expensive tech equipment.

Sure there will be a bunch of false alarms... like when that stupid cat taunts your puppy clan or you know, a falling leaf (in their defense, it was a large leaf). But electronic alarms don't bat 1,000 either. Not to mention, with all those eyes in your home, no one's sneaking on your property undetected… ever.

5. Indulging in Every Dog Trend

Glamorous dog

You're on board with doggie nail paw-lish and mineral water baths for your four-legged friends -- every puppy trend warms your heart. Unlike your helpless kids subjected to wearing matching outfits on the regular no say in the matter (but still seem to say stuff anyway, what's up with that?), you can play dress up with your puppies whenever you want!

I'm talkin' puppy mohawks, hair dye, dog overalls, custom purses (say what?), cologne, and Victorian dog dresses. Yes, these things actually exist. Your clans of canines will be the most fashionable on the block! And guess what?

Dogs for Days

Our pups are our second set of children. And while one dog is amazing, the joy of their little babies brings a smile to every dog lover's face. Whether practicing for your life's calling, or fulfilling a household need -- your unexpected expectant momma dog could be the answer you didn't even know you were looking for.

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5 Reasons to Get Your Dog Knocked Up