20 Things to Buy When You Turn 50

Keeping Life Interesting


There's a belief as you reach your golden years you have either done it and seen it all, or you're "too old" to have fun. How absurd! Maybe you need a push in the right direction. Here are twenty suggestions for items you can pick up to liven up the ride that is your own mature, adult adventure.

Get Some Ink


Getting tattooed when you're younger seems like the coolest idea, but it might not be the most responsible choice. Maybe you poo-poohed this early on in life, but what do you have to lose now? Find or make a design that speaks to you, however small or goofy, and get inked. You have the wisdom of age to know not to choose something you'll "regret when you're older" and the discretion to place it somewhere only you can enjoy it. Afraid of needles? Go for the straight-laced version with a temporary tattoo.

Get a New Ride


Whether it be a Vespa moped, an old (or new) Harley motorcycle, or a classic muscle car, buy the vehicle you always drooled after. Since you're in the prime of your life, it's time you owned a mode of transport that represents yourself as a fully realized person outside of what defines you as an employee, a family member, et cetera. Also, don't you deserve a mode of transport that looks and feels cool?

Invest in Tranquility


Do you enjoy tranquility, but hate the thought of slowing down? Taking a class at a local Japanese culture center provides the balance of learning a new skill that won't stress you out. Classes like flower arrangement, origami paper folding, or even tea ceremony preparation are fun and relaxing. The added benefit is that you can apply your new skills to bring a zen feeling into your home with beautiful floral or paper art.

Subscription Boxes


You don't always need to spend a large amount of money to enjoy something. For a low cost each month, combine the magic of an automated subscription with your niche hobby and have it sent to you in a neat box. From make-up and socks, to pet toys and treats and nerdy things, you can have something delivered to your door once a month. To start, all you have to do is choose what you'd like to receive.

A Bigger Screen TV


Some people might say it seems impractical to splurge on a new 65-inch screen television and a nice surround sound system. If there's one experience no one should be denied, it's the one where you can sit in front of the boob tube to watch and hear your favorite show or movie in high definition. Not every purchase needs to be practical.

Home Reno


If your kids are out of the house, you can redo your home the way you want it! Even if you've owned your home for many years, you shouldn't assume it's complete. Between fluctuating decor trends and releases of new appliances, choose a space that needs an upgrade and get to work. It's time to pick out a new kitchen backsplash and cabinet finish. Maybe that paint color in the living room feels tired, so repaint with a hue that pops! It's your home, so feel free to knock out a wall if you want that open concept space (please consult with a contractor first). Renovating the house will not only feel great to live in, but it will increase your home's value. That's a smart place to put your money.

Feel the Power


Did you ever look at those fancy pants designers and contractors on cable television and think, "I can do what they're doing?" Well, you can with the tools they have! Stock your toolbox with a power drill, hand sander, and a table saw and you've got the first makings of a miniature woodworking shop. Imagine your sense of fulfillment when you're making furniture or creating shelving in a snap. You'll be the handiest person on the block.

Your Own Domain


You have years worth of experience and stories and it would be a waste to not share it all. You need an audience, so why not buy your own website and start a blog? You can simply establish your blog in a few clicks and depending on how in-depth you wish to customize, you can pay into a higher bracket for your site design. Domain providers like Squarespace and WordPress have hundreds of options that make it easy for you to start publishing your life story on your own time.

Boogie Shoes


If you've got some extra time on your hands that used to be taken up by running your kids around, then its time to find new fun ways of passing the time. Strap on a pair of (new) dancing shoes and learn one of the physical art forms. When you purchase dance lessons, you can try out tango, sample swing, or weigh in on waltzing. You can even sign-up for a more technical dance like ballet, tap, or jazz. The ballroom is your oyster, so to speak.

Show You The World


We say there are people who have "seen it all," but has anyone really ever done that? Apply for a passport (or dust off your current one) and choose your own adventure vacation! It's time to not only become a jetsetter, but to experience and understand cultures from around the globe. When you travel on an adventure vacation, you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another part of the world by learning about the food, music, traditions, and history of a different country.

By Land, By Sea


If globe hopping isn't your forte, why not explore your own backyard? There are so many ways to experience the United States. The U.S. has over 60 national parks, including monuments, battlefields, and nature preserves. So, purchase a pair of sturdy hiking boots and hike through history. Buy a kayak and paddle out onto one of the many beautiful lakes out there. You can even save yourself the leg work and buy an All Terrain Vehicle to conquer the great hills and mountains of this country.

Home Away from Home


Sometimes all you want is a place where you can get away from it all. Bring that dream into reality by finding your own vacation home, condo, time share, or cabin. By renting or buying a vacation spot, you will have the benefit of getting away from the daily hassles on your own terms. Depending on where you want your home away from home located, you can search for a beach house, cabin, or even rent a tiny home.

Sleeping on a Cloud


No one shows indecision about how much they treasure a good night's rest. If your goal is to experience each night as the perfect night of sleep for your whole life, then invest in the best mattress your budget can afford. The most fun comes when testing out as many mattresses as the store owners will allow. Top it off with luxurious sheets and a pillow that begs your head to rest on it.

Tie the Room Together


Even if you've owned your home for many years, it would be assumed you own all the necessities for your home. If that is the case, make a purchase on home decor that adds meaning, such as a work of art. Half the adventure and value is in stumbling upon your very own original piece, whether at an auction house, estate sale, or flea market. Finding artwork that speaks to you and that you can treasure for the rest of your life is invaluable.

Stay Fit


Do you love to break a sweat? Do you also want to mix up your variety of training? Paying for a membership to something like Class Pass allows you to keep up on your workouts while sampling the fitness classes your city has to offer. Follow your passion by signing up for memberships doing yoga, cross-fit, zumba, and more. And for those tuned to more casual exercise, Dabble offers one-time fitness classes, too.

Student for Life


Some people are never satisfied with the idea that you stop learning and in this day and age, it always pays to invest further in your education. Whether you already have a college degree or want to add on to your field of expertise with a single course or an entire graduate program, don't be afraid to step back into the college scene. Doing so is a big investment, but knowing it's the right choice for you can be an even bigger payoff!

Wine Connoisseur


Most people either have a friend or have been the person who gave everyone the impromptu sommelier lesson. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy wine, but you can increase your knowledge of it and truly impress others by making it at home. You'll need to start with accumulating supplies like barrels, yeast, and, of course, grapes. Learning the process and buying supplies is made easy through online vendors who sell wine-making kits. After the first batch is complete, you can impress both friends and family with your personal vintage.

Season Tickets


Whether you want to experience your favorite team live or you got bitten by the stadium bug and are itching for more, look no further than buying season tickets. Imagine relishing the opportunity to go to any game throughout the season; you can hear the roar of the crowds, smell the sweat on the field, see the great displays of sportsmanship. Check out tickets for football, baseball, basketball, and more.

Dare Devil


Some life skills help you further your career, teach you a craft, or are just plain useful around the home. If you feel you need to master something that challenges the limits of your body and mind, choose your gateway into extreme sports! For beginners, take surfing lessons, a snowboarding class, or sign up for sky diving. If you're already an accomplished extreme sportist, give zorbing, volcano surfing, or slacklining a try. These activities and more are perfect to get your adrenaline pumping!

Nostalgia Factor


Remember that special toy/book/thing you owned as a child and you refused to let go of even to bathe or sleep? Pull up Google, type its name into the search, find it, buy it. Bam! Childhood innocence and wonder restored. Click "buy" on a classic video game, a collectible toy, or comic books. At this point in the game, you've grown enough as a human being where you deserve to revert to and revel in a simpler time. Enjoy!

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