Rules to Live By

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Improvement ahead

So, if you've found your way here and are reading this because you just ate 30 chocolate chip cookies for dinner or decided to drink a cup of coffee after you brushed your teeth, you might have come to the same conclusion we have, which is that sometimes, rules can be helpful! Whether it's general guidelines for daily life or navigating tricky questions of etiquette, sometimes you have to toe the line in life and not be a rule-breaker. LoveToKnow Rules To Live By is here to help.

Live Your Best Life

Do you need help making some important life decisions or avoiding disaster? Whether it's 8 Signs You Should Not Marry This Person or recognizing the 10 Traits of a Narcissist, you'll find the guidance you need here. You can avoid bad decisions - big and small - by heeding the advice of Rules to Live By. You'll learn the 10 Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip Flops and the 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Toilet Seat Covers (hint: for both, germs are a big issue).

Boost You Up When You're Down

If Mondays get you down, check out the list of Things Worse Than Mondays. If it's an entire season you need consoling from, find comaraderie in the 7 Reasons Why Fall Is the Worst. If it's your in-laws that are bringing you down, read about the 10 Ways to Get Your In-Laws to Love You. When everything proves to be just a bit too much, find justification for a much-needed getaway in 9 Reasons You Need a Vacation Pronto.

Find The Good

There really are a lot of things to be grateful for in this life, so make it a rule to find the good among the chaos. 9 Underrated Things to Be Thankful for Today will guide you toward finding mindful appreciation in your daily life. Celebrate the elegant quietness of introverts with The 5 Best Things About Being an Introvert. Speaking of celebrating the good things in life, find some great reasons to justify a delicious choice like chocolate and learn the 7 Reasons Chocolate Is Your Secret Weapon.

Need Help Deciding?

Occasionally in life, you encounter a path that splits into two, and it can be a head-scratcher to figure out which road to take. Luckily, LoveToKnow often presents both sides of an issue in order to help you make a decision. We'll help you stop making bad selfie decisions with 8 Selfie Styles You Should Stop Posting and make better social media decisions with 5 Reasons to Delete Your Instagram Account Today. These rules will help you make decisions that lead to your best life.

Rules to Live By