100+ Things to Do When Stuck at Home for Adults

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There are 100+ things that you can do when you're stuck at home that are just for adults cover a lot of ground. Some of these activities you can do with a spouse or partner, some you can do by yourself and others you do with friends and family online.

Fun But Meaningful Things to Do at Home

Who says that meaningful things have to be boring. These 10 things may challenge you, but they certainly will be fun!

  1. Learn how to speak Italian and surprise your coworkers when you return to work.
  2. Take an online Renaissance Art appreciation course.
  3. Learn to decorate birthday cakes.
  4. Create your own recipe for a chocolate dessert.
  5. Challenge yourself to paint a still life using only two paint colors.
  6. Watch a video of a magic trick and try to figure out how it's done, so you can perform it.
  7. Learn how to make an origami star and create enough to use on next year's Christmas tree.
  8. Use a dictionary to learn 25 of the most beautiful Latin words.
  9. Finally tackle reading War and Peace, you know you want to read it!
  10. Track down old classmates and call to see what they're doing now.

Personal Donation Project You Can Start

You don't have to stop giving just because you're stuck at home. There are many ways you can still contribute and donate to help others.

  1. Start a Thank You page for people to thank essential workers during a disaster or crisis.
  2. Create a GoFundMe page to collect money to throw a thank you party for a specific group of service worker, such as a local fire department, once the crisis has passed.
  3. Send an online monetary donation to your local food bank.
  4. Go through your closet and create a donation pile for Salvation Army and schedule a pickup through DonationTown.
  5. If you sew, see if your local hospital is accepting home-made face masks and follow their instructions.
  6. If you quilt, start a quilt to donate to random healthcare worker to thank them.
  7. Sign up to sponsor a needy child through monthly donations.
  8. Volunteer to be a virtual helpline worker.
  9. Collect magazines you've read and arrange to donate them to a nursing home.
  10. Explore how to donate your hair for cancer patient wigs so you can make an appointment once you're not longer stuck at home.
Food donation on a card box

Productive Fun Things to Do at Home

There may be several fun things about the house that you can do that are productive. Consider projects you've left half-way finished or those you never had the time to start.

  1. Repot your houseplants and move them into different areas of your house.
  2. Finish or start a home improvement project by ordering material online to be delivered to your door.
  3. Sign up for one of the free classes offered by major universities and colleges.
  4. Watch one of the free online symphony concerts.
  5. Choose one of 50 free virtual tours of famous places.
  6. See what is happening around the world through EarthCam web cams.
  7. Dive into a new hobby, such as knitting, by ordering supplies and using YouTube videos.
  8. Choose a new paint color for your living room, order the paint online and give your living room a facelift.
  9. Break out your bread machine and make a loaf of a banana nut bread.
  10. Remove old shelf liners and paint each shelf in your food pantry a different color to organize and color-code with food items.
Couple painting their home

How to Entertain Yourself When Stuck at Home

Being by yourself and stuck at home doesn't need to be boring. There are many ways you entertain yourself.

  1. Download an app that allows you to watch a movie with a friend online.
  2. Join an online mystery genre book club.
  3. Learn to play a saw like it was an instrument.
  4. Take a selfie with your pet, upload it to a jigsaw puzzle website, order the puzzle, and put together once it's delivered.
  5. Watch an old Richard Simmons workout video on YouTube and see if you can do it.
  6. Make a Tik Tok video to show off how your dog does tricks to the classic Wipe Out.
  7. Learn how to make scented candles using essential oils.
  8. Start a scrapbook to document your experiences while being stuck at home.
  9. Watch a professional flamingo dancer and try to imitate the moves, if you discover you have a talent for it, find a tutorial to learn the basic steps.
  10. Watch a live stream web cam from a zoo.
Woman watching a movie in a laptop

Healthy Things You Can Do

Being stuck at home is a great time to reassess your many of your habits. For example, instead of vegging out on junk food, you can make significant healthy changes.

  1. Change your unhealthy eating habit by ordering organic foods.
  2. Stop eating at 6 pm to reset your circadian rhythm so you wake up early in the morning.
  3. Watch an old Richard Simmons workout on YouTube to see if you can keep up.
  4. Explore a self-guided meditation for a past life regression.
  5. Take a Hatha Yoga beginner's online class.
  6. Start an age-defiant face-care routine.
  7. Listen to the solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz called the Miracle Tone said to repair your DNA.
  8. Read a classic self-help book, like The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Vincent Peale.
  9. Use strength resistance bands for a new physical fitness training routine.
  10. Reassess your life and decide where you want to go from here.
Young woman meditating at home

Connect With Family

If you haven't had time to catch up with family members who live at a distance, now you can. Choose the best method of communication with each family member and enjoy!

  1. Use Skype to catch up with all your family members you haven't seen in years.
  2. Send your mom a bouquet of flowers, just because she's a great mom.
  3. Text your brother or sister a childhood knock-knock joke.
  4. Send your dad a photo of your fishing rod leaning in the corner and ask him to set a date and time.
  5. Call your grandma and ask her to give you that favorite recipe of hers.
  6. Join Ancestry.com and find out about your family.
  7. Order a DNA test and find out what your DNA says about your family tree.
  8. Ask your parents to photograph old family pictures and text to you and your siblings.
  9. Send your favorite aunt a heart locket and thank her for all the great paperback romance novels she gave you after she'd read them.
  10. Call your grandfather and ask him if he'd like to have lunch with you when both of you are no longer stuck at home.
Father and son playing piano together

Dream Big Dreams

Take a little bit of your stuck-at-home time to dream. Don't put any limitations and free your creative mind to dream big dreams.

  1. Make a list of all the things you want to do in the next few years; write out the steps you need to take to get there.
  2. List the things you'd love to create to make the world better.
  3. Browse house plans and find your dream home.
  4. Make a vision board that includes that dream house.
  5. Plan how you'd like to landscape your front yard.
  6. Take a photo of the rooms in your home and upload to BEHR paints website to test out colors before buying.
  7. Take a virtual tour of your ideal vehicle and build your own for fun.
  8. Browse various yacht sites and yachts for sale to discover your style.
  9. Visit Christie's to see the current auctions.
  10. Explore some international luxury real estate through Sotheby's.

Fun Things for Couples to Do When Stuck at Home

Couples can find a lot of exciting and fun things to do together when stuck at home. There are any number of online choices and of course, you should be planning for the future when you are no longer stuck in the house.

  1. Watch a celebrity chef's free online tutorial for a special dish you can make together
  2. Explore NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) videos and photos and the ESO (European Southern Observatory) online videos for a star gazing evening
  3. Explore also features various webcams you can watch from around the world, such as the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights.
  4. Watch romantic movies on Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and other apps.
  5. Foster a pet to help out understaffed animal shelters.
  6. Dress up for a romantic evening at home, order takeout and put on some slow dance music.
  7. Plan a trip to an island paradise for when you are no longer stuck at home.
  8. Listen to a podcast about something both of you are interested in.
  9. If you have a yard, plant some flowers or a vegetable garden.
  10. Watch a tutorial on how to carve fruit to look like animals.

Make Changes and Plans for Financial Security

Spend a little of your time at home to tackle your finances. Don't cringe, just take a deep breath and plunge into the financial depths.

  1. Review your budget and spending habits and make adjustments and changes.
  2. Assess where you're spending your disposable income and where you can cut costs.
  3. Pull up your credit report and see if anything is incorrect and immediately correct it.
  4. Reconcile your last bank statement, print it off and file.
  5. Open a savings account and dedicate a specific amount each pay cycle.
  6. Make changes to accommodate and plan for your retirement.
  7. Shop around for term life insurance and commit to a policy.
  8. Create a living will using free online programs.
  9. Prepare your annual income tax.
  10. Review your credit card rates and call to negotiate a better rate and/or limit increase.

Maintenance and Related Tasks for Your Devices

Never having enough time to do the menial tasks that are required to maintain your electronic devices is no longer an argument. Don't neglect your tools or they may not be there when you need them.

  1. Clean and disinfect your laptop, desktop and monitor, tablet, and cell phone.
  2. Replace worn power cords, earbuds or headsets.
  3. Defrag your computer.
  4. Sort through old emails, delete trash, create new files for archiving emails.
  5. Go through computer files and reorganize.
  6. Run virus scan.
  7. Update computer programs.
  8. Back up important files on USB stick, external hard drive and/or cloud.
  9. Find a new more colorful and exciting screensaver and/or wallpaper.
  10. Order a cool laptop skin and/or decal.
Clean and disinfect Cell phone device and laptop

Pampering Things to Do When Stuck at Home

Now that you have all your obligations met and have had tons of fun at home, it's time to pamper yourself. Get that needed respite and indulge in some spa time.

  1. Binge watch your favorite TV series.
  2. Give yourself a mani-pedi.
  3. Play scrabble with friends online and use Word Finder to win.
  4. Create an essential oil blend ideal for a relaxing bath.
  5. Slice a cucumber and place a slice over each eye while you soak in the tub.
  6. Watch a how-to video to create a honey and egg hair conditioner and try it out.
  7. Fix yourself a cup of delicious hot chocolate and don't forget the marshmallows.
  8. Explore new hairdos and try doing one yourself.
  9. Use a Dead Sea mud mask.
  10. Light your favorite scented candle, pour a glass of wine and listen to soothing music.

100+ Things to Do When Stuck at Home for Adults

You can find many ways to spend your time when stuck at home. All you have to do is unleash your creative nature and you'll discover entire new world opening up to you.

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