Excuses to Skip Work

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Even the best employees find themselves in need of excuses to skip work on occasion. If you've run out of excuses and need some inspiration, consider using an excuse from the list below.

30 Excuses to Miss Work

The key to coming up with an excuse that will fly with the boss is that there has to be a grain of reality to it. If your boss can actually imagine it happening, you stand the best chance of getting the day off without recriminations later. See if one of these excuses will work for you.

  1. My babysitter called in sick.
  2. My dog keeps throwing up, and I need to stay home and take care of her.
  3. I can't find my car keys, and I only have one set.
  4. My spouse got mad at me and threw my car keys into the snow. I'm still trying to find them.
  5. My car is completely frozen from last night's ice storm.
  6. My spouse accidentally turned off the alarm, and I didn't wake up until noon.
  7. There's a raccoon sitting on top of my car, and I'm afraid to open the door.
  8. I fell down my stairs, and my back is sore.
  9. My dog jumped the fence this morning, and I have to try to find him.
  10. I'm out of gas money, and I'm trying to find someone who will bring me some cash.
  11. My security alarm keeps going off, and I have to figure out why.
  12. My computer has a virus, and I have to stay home to give the remote technician access to work on it.
  13. My drunk neighbor parked in my driveway, and I can't get him to answer his door.
  14. I have a five-foot snow drift up against my garage door, and it's going to take me hours to shovel it out.
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  15. I opened my refrigerator this morning and discovered it died sometime during the night. I have to stay home and wait for the repairman to come fix it.
  16. I misplaced my glasses, and I can't see without them. I have to stay home and try to find them.
  17. There's a S.W.A.T. team outside my neighbor's house, and they've told everyone to remain inside until further notice.
  18. My spouse has a fever of 103 F, and I have to stay home and take care of him/her.
  19. My child suddenly threw up all over the living room carpet, so I have to clean that up and take care of him/her.
  20. My best friend just died, and I'm going to help his mom make the funeral arrangements.
  21. I woke up this morning and thought I smelled a gas leak. I'm waiting on the gas company to come and check it out.
  22. My boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with me last night, and I need to take the day off and pull myself together.
  23. My grandmother just called me, and she doesn't sound quite coherent. I need to go check on her.
  24. I was visiting an out-of-town friend yesterday, and my car died so I won't be able to head home until later today after the battery is replaced.
  25. My child's class is one driver short for their field trip, so I volunteered to drive.
  26. My cat was run over last night, and I'm just too upset to come in to work today.
  27. I just spilled hot coffee in my lap. I have to go to the hospital and have these burns looked at.
  28. I can't come in today. I have a bad toothache.
  29. I can't come in today. I have female problems, and I'd really rather not give you the details if you don't mind.
  30. I accidentally ate some food with shrimp in it, and I'm having a mild allergic reaction. I'll be alright in about 24 hours.

Understand Your Risk

If you've already skipped work enough times to raise suspicion with your boss, calling in with one more excuse might just get you fired. This is especially true if your boss asks you to provide some kind of proof like a doctor's note or a mechanic's receipt. Think about it and decide if a day off from work is really worth the risk.

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Excuses to Skip Work