Dares That Are Safe, but Hilarious!

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Good dares are just the thing to keep the night interesting. What's better than sending your friends on a goofy assignment for the sake of laughter and entertainment. The best part is everyone tries to one-up each other once the game really gets rolling. But if you're out of fresh ideas, we're here to help keep the giggles going!

1. Post a Facebook Status - With Your Feet

Everyone is on Facebook, and everyone is always posting way too many personal details. But here's the thing, the dared one has to type with her feet. Come up with a simple message like, "I had the best sandwich," or "Can't wait to watch The Bachelor."

Not only will your friend look absolutely ridiculous, but there is no way this status is coming out right. Then watch as friends respond to the post in utter confusion. You can even have your friend respond with her feet, too.

2. '80s Makeover

80s glam makeup

Oh dear lord, '80s fashion - cringe. Glitter makeup is a must, and an overwhelmingly volumized hairstyle is a given. Here's the thing, the lucky participant doesn't glam themselves out - you do. And your victim isn't allowed to look until you're done.

Neon-bright clashing makeup, crimped hair, and way too much jewelry are all up for grabs here. Bonus points if she - or he - goes straight acappella on a favorite '80s hit.

3. Speak Adulty to the Parental Units

Learn a couple buzzwords and phrases like "tax exception," "money market," or "How's the DOW doing today?" Then go talk to the older crowd. And the conversation must last for a full minute for it to be a successful dare.

One of the hardest things about this is to not give yourself away with your lack of stock market knowledge or economical experience. Some parents get super amped when you speak their language and will really engage in the conversation - even better. Throw in a couple lines like, "Kids these days…" or "I remember when I was young and naïve about these things." Just don't spill the beans about them being a major player in your dare.

4. Make a PB&J Like Rachel Ray

Yup, the dared has to pretend to be on a cooking show while making the oh so difficult PB&J sandwich - while being filmed for YouTube. He or she has to make small talk while making said sandwich and walk the audience through every single step of the sandwich making process so everyone fully understands the recipe just like on The Food Network.

Make the dared recommend a beverage that pairs best with PB&J, throw in a sponsor for a shout out, or create a custom (and unique) side dish on the spot. This has the potential to go viral on campus which is epic.

5. Become a Dentist for the Day

Head to a busy street and ask everyone you see if you can check their chompers while using the excuse "My dad's a dentist. I'm in training to take over the family business." If people agree, ask them how often they floss and give them a tutorial on how to brush properly every morning and night.

A great line to toss in is, "You can follow up with me in six months for your bi-annual cleaning. Remember, sugar is the enemy." The biggest challenge you'll encounter is keeping a straight face through the entire dare.

6. Design Your Own (Nonpermanent) Tattoo

temporary tattoo

There are roughly 300 colors in the Sharpie rainbow. The unlucky dare-ee gets the honor of a killer tattoo that won't come off until shower time. Spoiler alert: the scrub down is going to be rough. The darer gets to choose the location, color, and size of the tattoo, and is the temporary tattoo artist. The group then gets to decide what the tattoo will be. Perhaps a colorful unicorn or one of those cliche Mom tattoos.

What's amazing here is... mess ups are inevitable. So if your friend goes full-on Mike Tyson face tat with the ink, it's pretty awesome. Or how about a classic neck tattoo? Imagine what malice can ensue? Amazing.

7. Initiate a Game of Tag With a Stranger

On the playground, a game of tag can start without any questions asked. All the kids were in! But when you are a big bad teen, it's a little less socially acceptable.

This is a quick dare that generates a ton of laughter. All you have to do is run up to some unsuspecting sap, tag him, and scream, "You're it!" Then take off running. The person you tag will be so flabbergasted by the situation that he'll literally stand there in shock. Bonus points if the person actually jumps in willing to play.

8. Rap Battle

rap battle

You've seen rappers drop the mic. Now it's the dared one's turn. First and foremost, someone needs to beat box to get everyone into the vibe. Then your rapper goes to town. Throw in some "Yos" or "YEAHYUHs" to enhance the experience. Might want to add that in the guidelines.

This is also a great opportunity for a double dare. Have two rappers string together their lyrical poetry and put their money where their mouth is. Obviously, rhyming is pretty key here, so you can cast your ballot based on the cohesiveness with the beat box jams, rhymes, and a number of times the crowd goes, "OOOHHH!"

9. Pick Your Nose in a Drive Through

The best part about this dare - someone will be watching! Imagine those bored fast food workers looking to make an honest day's dollar getting this little nugget of excitement. Because why would anyone point blank pick their nose in front of someone, right? This dare has all the right ingredients to be hysterical.

If you are the one being dared, gather your buddies and head to McDonald's or Taco Bell. Then dig for gold when you get to the window. The real challenge here is to keep your composure because you still have to look somewhat normal to the observer. Don't forget to tell your friends to keep it together, too. This is the key to making this a successful dare.

10. Reenact Game of Thrones in Less Than a Minute

It's too good to not film! Just think about all the conversations, raw emotion, and the dramatic interactions. There are so many directions the dare-ee can take this.

And as if condensing this intricate plot one minute isn't challenge enough, a bonus could be if you add three props that MUST used during the performance. The more random the object the better. Throw in a colander, a lemon zester, a stuffed animal, an electric toothbrush, or even a banana that must be used at least once.

The Dare Master

Whenever you and your squad are in a silly mood wondering what to do, these dares will get the job done. It's an easy way to keep your group of friends entertained. The bonus is, no one (except maybe a little pride) will get hurt when you take on this list. The more you go on daring, the better they'll become.

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Dares That Are Safe, but Hilarious!