Age-Old Beauty Tricks That Still Work

Elizabeth Taylor

When it comes to beauty secrets, mom or even grandma might really know best! Just because their beauty regimens may be decades old doesn't mean they aren't effective. Some of the best beauty advice stems from old-school tips that utilize organic sources (which are safer for your face and for the environment,) as well as ingredients that you might already have at home. So, try out these tricks to look gorgeous! (Grandma will approve.)

1. Glow the Natural Way

Blush rose petals

Before Nars and their amazing 'Orgasm' blush ever existed, women used rose petals and beets to give their cheekbones a younger and appropriately cheerful hue. To try it yourself, just crush up some rose petals with your fingers and apply. If you'd rather not ruin your fresh bouquet, purchase a raw beet, peel it, and then apply. It even works as a lip color enhancer too. Or if you don't have either of these, you can always just flip your head upside down until the blood rushes to your face or, else, pinch your cheese a few times and voilà! Rosy cheeks.

2. DIY Your Cleanser

Natural cleansing with honey, lemon, soap

What some women won't tell you about aging is that proper cleansing is essential. There's no secret cream that will make up for a lack of proper care on that front. This is why you should never go to bed without washing your face first! However, this doesn't mean that you need to splash out tons of money on a super-expensive cleanser. Cleopatra supposedly used crushed grapes and honey, and good ole' granny probably just used a bar of soap and water. There is no shortage of DIY cleansers on the internet, so have a look around and find one that suits your skin's needs. By doing so, you'll be saving money and keeping your skin properly cleansed. That'll be sure to give you a double glow.

3. Fake Bright Eyes

Every gal wants her eyes to pop! Unfortunately, puffiness, dark circles, and a lack of beauty sleep often get in the way of this. However, for those times when eye cream just isn't doing enough, you can soothe your eyes and decrease puffiness with things you have in your refrigerator - namely, cucumber slices or moist, refrigerated green tea bags. Just place the cucumber slices or tea bags over your eyes, turn on some relaxing music, and pretend that you're at a spa!

4. Embrace the Cold

We'll admit it; there's nothing worse than a cold water shower. However, because hot water opens up pores, cold water is known for closing them, which will make your face tighter and less saggy and basically turn back time. OK, so it won't actually reverse the aging clock, but cold water facial treatments along with facial massages will help you tighten your pores. Simply splash your face with freezing cold water several times in the morning and at night. Then massage, gently, all parts of your face in an upward motion with a natural oil or other kind of moisturizer suitable for your skin. To further tighten any sagging areas, try adding witch hazel, rose water, or apple cider vinegar to your beauty routine. They are all tried and true toners of yesteryear.

5. It's All About Moisture

Whether or not you wear makeup, you gotta start with a smooth canvas in order to paint a masterpiece. Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars on Crème de la Mer products, but natural moisturizers like oils (although stick to lighter ones like almond) and honey work wonders, too; as does an avocado mask applied at least once a week. And even better is the miracle of aloe vera, which is best known for healing sunburns but can moisturize the heck out of non-sun damaged skin too.

6. Get Eyebrows on Fleek

Woman filling in eyebrows

Amazingly defined eyebrows are a beauty trend that doesn't seem to be going away. With brushes and gels to keep those unruly hairs in place, some women have forgotten that there's a simple solution to grooming your brows that also doubles as a hair growth serum: castor oil! With just a drop or two, castor oil will keep eyebrows in their place and actually help them to grow.

7. Plump Up Your Pucker

Woman lining her lips

You can thank Angelina Jolie for the continuing popularity of oversized lips. However, back before women could ask their plastic surgeon to boost their lip size with fillers or implants, a much simpler (and less costly) method of creating a pouty lip was utilized by older generations: First, contour your lips and slightly overdraw the lip line. Next, boost your pout by using mentholatum, cinnamon or pepper infused lip balms to get that natural bee-sting effect.

Don't Forget

Remember that the best beauty trick resides within each of us. Fresh skin and a nice smile is likely to turn a few heads; add some confidence, and you'll be the star of any room.

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Age-Old Beauty Tricks That Still Work