5 Ways to Cope When All Your Friends Are in Relationships

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One day, you and your friends were running around town like the girls from Sex and the City. The next day, they were suddenly coupled up with their boos, playing The Good Wife. When your closest friends are in relationships, it can often feel like you're losing them; as if you are the last one standing in the kingdom of singleness. Fear not, ladies, because there are ways to cope when it seems like all your friends are in relationships, and you're just... not.

1. Suggest Friends-Only Outings

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Remember when everyone was single and every weekend was filled with crazy shenanigans? Yeah, your friends probably do too. So for the sake of a throwback, and to remind them just how much fun you guys could be having, suggest a "girls-only" outing or event. There's nothing like a boozy brunch on a Saturday afternoon to get the ball rolling here, or a night in, watching your favorite TV shows and getting takeout. The point is, you can still enjoy that quality time with your BFFs, even if they've got someone waiting at home for them.

2. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

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The world can be an annoying place sometimes and feel like it's working against you. So what better way to spring back to life than with some well-deserved "Me, Myself, and I" time at the spa? Insert relaxing scents, classical music, and a steamy masseuse here. See? Much better. You'll feel refreshed and ready to kick the world's butt in no time.

3. Avoid Couples Who Can't Quit the PDA

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We all have that one friend who's attached at the hip to her boyfriend. Being the last single friend, you don't want to hang out with this couple. As much as you may love your gal pal, it's never really that much fun to third-wheel on her hot date (which, by the way, was totally supposed to be you two hanging out). Don't feel bad if this is how you feel. Rest assured, everyone can agree that they'd excuse themselves from that situation ASAP.

4. Throw a Party

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Being one of the few single ones left, you're often out and about. That constant treadmill of seeing people and places can get pretty tiring. Sometimes you just don't feel like going out to see people. Solution? Bring the fun to you. Invite everyone you know and love for a little soirée at your place and keep 'em talking about it for days and weeks after. Soon, everyone will want to come over for a get-together.

5. Reach Out to Your Single Friends

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While it might seem like you're the only single one left, chances are, you have some other friends who are in the same boat and it's time to reconnect. When push comes to shove, you gotta reach out to those other single friends of yours. There's a whole goldmine of good times just waiting to be had. So grab your phone and dial their digits. Reaching out to your single friends can open up a new chapter in your life.

Remember, being single is a time that we all need to cherish. Having friends who can't share that with you doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it while you still can.

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5 Ways to Cope When All Your Friends Are in Relationships