5 Thoughts You Have While Waiting For a Pizza Delivery

woman with pizza

Everyone loves a pizza, but not so much the guilt and regret that often comes along with a pizza delivery order. If you have any of these thoughts while waiting for your pizza delivery, we promise you're not alone....

1. What Have I Done?

Sad woman holding her head

You've been dreaming of that pizza all day. Salivating over the oozy cheese, fantasizing about the extra topping combination you may or may not go for, and practically tasting that first bite hours before the real deal (wipes dribble from face). But wait, hold on a sec! It's been about thirty minutes since you ordered it and you've just realized that you've already had way too many calories in the last three days (HOLY MOLY!). This pizza is totally going to send you over the edge, you fool! What were you thinking *face palm*? Deliciously bad carbs for an hour, or the body you've been craving for a lifetime!? Hmmm, more importantly, is it too late to cancel the order?

2. I'll Just Have a Little

Nearly empty pizza box

Before ordering the pizza, you totally managed to convince yourself that you were going to do the right thing and NOT eat the whole thing by yourself , but now that your achilles heel is on its way to you in a cardboard box and your willpower has run away with the fairies, your idea that you would eat just a slice or two is completely laughable! You know as well as we do that you are not going to A) put the rest of it in the fridge or B) give half of it to a homeless person. Yup the story's more likely to look a lot more like this picture....

3. Should Have Got Chinese...

woman looking at scale in shock

You know you really felt like pizza earlier when your work colleague was shovelling one in his face at lunch like the end of the world was neigh, but then oooooh! Look, they're eating Chinese on your favorite TV show... and... mmmm... wouldn't Chinese be so amazing right now? Maybe you should have ordered a chicken chow mein instead...after all, it's about a fifth of the calories last time you checked. Probably best to avoid the scales tomorrow then unless you want a face like this...

4. Wait, What Did I Just Get?

Forgetful woman with phone

Did you order thick crust? Or thin crust? And which topping combo again? Bummer...you have the memory of a goldfish and now you can't remember. Is it too weird to call back and check? Better add breadsticks while you're at it... or did you do that already?

5. Pizza Boy Hotness

Hot pizza delivery guy

Maybe the pizza boy won't be some puny pimply loser but in fact a barrel of hotness, in which case you definitely won't regret ordering the pizza. And of course the chance of having a hot-to-trot pizza boy knocking on your door is worth kicking the diet to the curb for just one day, or getting banned from Weight Watchers, right? Better change out of those sweatpants just in case...

Who thought ordering a pizza could leave us so doubtful. If only there was cauliflower crust on the menu...then we would feel SO much better about all this wouldn't we?

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5 Thoughts You Have While Waiting For a Pizza Delivery