The 5 Best Things About Being an Introvert

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Introverts often get a bad rap, portrayed as awkward shut-ins, unable to cope with the fast-paced, social world around them. But you might be surprised to learn not only how many awesome people around you are introverts, but how many advantages there are to being one. Here are some of the top reasons why being an introvert is kind of amazing.

1. You're a Really Good Friend

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Killer listening skills and undivided one-on-one attention are exactly why introverts make such incredible friends. Sure, you may not be the one to turn to when your friend wants to set the dance floor on fire at two in the morning, but if she needs someone to help her find the keys she dropped on the dance floor, or to listen to every heart-wrenching detail about seeing her ex with someone new, you're first one she'll call. Even better, you tend to prefer smaller circles of friends that you really care about. So unlike those best friends who seem to have a million other best friends, when you call someone a bestie, you really mean it.

2. You Come Across as Mysterious

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You know that person who walks to the beat of her own drum, comfortably aloof and often with a pensive look on her face? You know, the one who never overextends her welcome, is never too loud, and who you're dying to know more about because of her unquestionable je ne sais quoi? Guess what. Chances are, they're an introvert like you. In fact, a large portion of the world's most mysterious people are generally introverts. Think Johnny Depp, Kristin Stewart, and Blake Lively, all self-identified introverts.

Blame it on that rich inner world of yours and your ability to be alone for long periods of time. Introverts inadvertently do a fabulous job of coming across as mysterious. But what if your extrovert friends want to add an air of mystery to their vibe? Tell them to try this: speak only when spoken to, leave the party before anyone else, and while it's really not an introvert thing, a leather jacket never hurt!

3. You Get Plenty of Sleep

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Remember when we mentioned how you're not the first person to expect on the dance floor at two a.m.? That's because you're most likely at home in bed, cozied up with a good book, or watching the latest on Netflix. In fact, introverts are the original inventors of "Netflix and chill," so everyone else has you to thank for that. While the extroverts of the world are desperately seeking out their second cups of coffee at 10 a.m., you're well-rested and moving on with your day. Unless you just had to finish the entire first season of that new Netflix series last night. Then, you're just as tired as we are.

4. Drama Is Not Your Thing

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Generally, introverts tend to think a little more about what they want to say before they say it. Which means there's far less of a chance you'll blurt out a secret, tell someone off in the heat of the moment, or say something out loud that you didn't mean. In turn, that can mean a lot less drama and way better overall mental health. So if your friends have a lot of secrets or if drama is just not their thing, they had better keep you close! You're a vault when it comes to secrets and an expert at steering around drama.

5. You Spend More Time in Sweatpants

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From all the love letter memes to sweatpants on social media, it's pretty clear that in this day and age, sweatpants are a high commodity. And while everyone understands the joy of slipping into a pair after a long day's work, introverts have a very special relationship with theirs. From the elastic waistband to the soft, baggy fabric, sweatpants are like a vessel straight into another heavenly dimension and you value your time in them more than any moment at any cocktail party ever.

Luckily for you, all those hours you've clocked being alone can also be spent in the comfort and company of your beloved sweats. Here's a little test: if you'd rather spend time with your sweatpants than with Leonardo DiCaprio, you're definitely an introvert.

Shout It From the Rooftop

While not totally obvious or even relatable to the average extrovert, being an introvert has some major perks. Being quiet, self sufficient, and content spending time alone can get you far in life - although we don't expect you to actually shout it from the rooftop any time soon!

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