5 Beauty Hacks for When You Forget Your Make Up Bag

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Emergency! Emergency! It's that dreaded moment when you realise you have left your make up bag somewhere else and have to freshen up for that that hot date, important meeting, or evening out with friends. It could be the end of the world, or you could rock a few cunning beauty tips shared by celebrity make up artist Jenny Patinkin to get you through tormenting times like these.

Get Glowing

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Skin looking a little dull? In the absence of a highlighter, getting the glow back into your skin could be easier than you think. All you need to do, according to Patinkin, is this: "Rinse your face with a few splashes of warm water, then follow immediately with a few splashes of very cold water. This reduces puffiness, brings circulation to the skin, and gives you a bit of a glow."

Over and Out Oily Skin

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Is your face more shiny than a car headlight? This is when those disposable toilet seat covers (which you've always wondered who on earth uses) in the washroom at work suddenly seem the best thing out there! In the absence of a blotting sheet to blot away oils from the skin, Patinkin suggests simply "tearing a toilet seat cover into small pieces and gently pressing into the skin."

Kiss Flaky Lips Goodbye

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Serious end of the day lip peeling issue? It's unlikely that you'll want to pucker up a cracked kiss, so you'll need a remedy quick before you clock off. "Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush or a damp washcloth - this will turn them a healthy, rosy pink color and remove flaky, dry skin," says Patinkin, the Lazy Perfection beauty expert.

Bright Eyes Baby

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Having a zombie-eye moment and wondering how on earth you can fake bright-eyed perfection in the absence of your make up bag? Patinkin gives the game away right here. "Wash your hands and then run the water as cold as you can get it and dab tiny little drops into the corners of your eyes, as close to being on your actual eyeballs as you can stand it. This will force your eyes to tear up a little, which makes them look bright and gleaming."

Highlight This

Woman using lip balm as highlighter

Okay so clearly you're not going to be able to highlight like a pro without your make up bag, but all is not lost. For a more defined glow Patinkin encourages you to "dig out that chapstick floating around in the bottom of your bag and apply it to cheeks and eyelids. Clear balms act as highlighters and gives a pretty reflective sheen to your skin."

Pack away these perfect S.O.S. tips for next time your makeup bag goes AWOL, so you you can ditch the drama and freestyle your way to beauty instead!

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5 Beauty Hacks for When You Forget Your Make Up Bag